While doing Laughter Yoga exercises, we make an effort to laugh but following a group dynamic, laughter becomes spontaneous and effortless. It flows like a fountain. This is a state of Laughter Meditation. Here you don’t do laughter; you become laughter. It is a deeper experience of unconditional laughter; a kind of laughter in which tears start rolling down your cheeks and your sides start aching. Maybe you’ll find yourself rolling on the floor laughing. Still, it is without any jokes, humour or comedy.

Laughter Meditation is the purest kind of laughter and a very cathartic experience that opens up the layers of your subconscious mind and you will experience laughter from your deep within

“Laughter is bodily exercise, precious to health.”

– Aristotle

Laughing Yoga for fun

Join our No Limits laughter club or book a session for your private group. A fun and funny way to get in touch with your breath is by laughing and connecting with others.

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There are thousands of benefits derived from Laughter Yoga, but these are the ones that are the most common and relevant to the general population, that we can mention without being medical practitioners or scientists. *

  • It boosts the immune system
  • It regulates blood flow
  • It increases oxygen to the brain and body cells
  • It decreases depression and anxiety
  • It provides pain relief
  • It manages stress

* Alici & Donmez (2020) produced a systematic review of the effect of laughter yoga on physical function and psychosocial outcomes in older adults. The findings of this study suggest that laughter yoga have positive effects on physical function and psychosocial outcomes in older adults. It is cost-effective with no adverse effects in older adults and can be used for health promotion for older adults.

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