Alex Grantham – Social Worker


“Build your resilience with me today”

Tom’s Place is named after my father because his door was always open. He believed connection is at the core of healing.

I offer counselling, workshops, mental health consultancy, training, and supervision that are based on building resilience. I share years of practical resilience interventions and strategies to enhance your wellbeing so you can experience a happier, healthier life with ease.

In a safe space, I offer emotional and practical solutions for you to explore a life free from distress. I draw on the strength of an individual’s lived experience and provide holistic, person-centred support with compassion and practical strategies to move through blockages and distress in life.

I walk alongside you as we navigate information and referrals for you to find the best resources, activities, experiences, and assistance within our community.

Contact Alex today to find out how we can work together.